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The Wabash Super Tour is a 360° virtual tour of the town of Wabash, IN. Using ultra high resolution 360° drone photography and panoramic stitching, Green Hat has produced the 360° virtual tour of Wabash, Indiana. Several businesses and organizations have opted to become initial members of the Wabash Super Tour and many more will be added in the future. We are also exploring new navigation features, sound effects, and new locations on the tour, so check back often and see whats new!


Wabash is a gorgeous, charming town along the Wabash River nestled in northeast Indiana. This tourist destination has gone through a renaissance period during the last decade or so. What was once a typical rustbelt, rural Midwestern town, Wabash has transformed itself into a beautiful renovated tourist attraction with countless amenities.  Check out a small sample of Wabash in our super tour or checkout Visit Wabash County of City Hall for more. 

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